Texts from FFXIII
Where Final Fantasy XIII meets Texts from Last Night. Or, why FFXIII characters should not be allowed near phones, ever.

Almost all texts come from textsfromlastnight.com. Screencaps come from either a now-defunct website or are captured myself from various youtube videos.
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(submission from play-read-write)

(submission from play-read-write)

You are delightful.


Since you've played Lightning Returns, of course you've probably done the sidequest where Lightning bought Bacchus' Brew to get some fireworks from a depressed dude. At the end, she wondered whether it was right to use fireworks for a sick kid to blow a stage up. But the best thing was that after Hope told her to not worry, Lightning was all like "Yeah I'll get over it. If I don't, then I can have some of that Bacchus' Brew myself." You predicted Drunk!Lightning before it was a thing!

drunk Lightning was with us all along

(submission from rainbowserenity)

(submission from rainbowserenity)