Texts from FFXIII
Where Final Fantasy XIII meets Texts from Last Night. Or, why FFXIII characters should not be allowed near phones, ever.

Almost all texts come from textsfromlastnight.com. Screencaps come from either a now-defunct website or are captured myself from various youtube videos.
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Thanks everyone~

Tell me more about your attraction to Ali Hillis. I am also attracted to miss Hillis.

she is my queen


my inbox has gone neglected for a while whooops

I think Chronostasis is really good for when you’re in a “get shit done” kind of mood and don’t want to worry about the clock ticking down (unless you need time to pass to start a quest that’s only open during a certain part of the day). Considering a lot of people seem to end up sleeping through most of the later days if they’ve been using a lot of Chronostasis, that shows that it’s definitely possible not to rely on it.