Texts from FFXIII
Where Final Fantasy XIII meets Texts from Last Night. Or, why FFXIII characters should not be allowed near phones, ever.

Almost all texts come from textsfromlastnight.com. Screencaps come from either a now-defunct website or are captured myself from various youtube videos.
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Hahaha thanks~!

(submission from viamadlucem)

(submission from viamadlucem)

Not a question, but I love your texts with Serah and her cat Snow. 90% of the time when Im reading them, I picture her actual fiance. Like in the text "Snow got outside again, I found him making dirt angels in the garden." I pictured human Snow instead of the cat. I think it makes it all the more funny XD

The ambiguity between Snow the cat and Snow the human is one of the best things ever. Even in the game, I can imagine Noel at first not realizing that Snow the cat is named after a person and being all “…your leader’s a cat?”