Texts from FFXIII
Where Final Fantasy XIII meets Texts from Last Night. Or, why FFXIII characters should not be allowed near phones, ever.

Almost all texts come from textsfromlastnight.com. Screencaps come from either a now-defunct website or are captured myself from various youtube videos.
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I suppose the best way to address sadness over a series being over is knowing that you can still enjoy everything about the games even once you’ve finished. You can replay the series again to re-experience everything that you’ve come to love about it, or you can take part in fandom things like fanfiction, which will allow you to still experience new things with your favorite characters.

The real question would be to ask yourself what is worse: your attachment to the games making you reluctant to finish, or not finishing at all and never knowing what happens.

Noel is so lovably pathetic in this blog!

He just wants to be lovedĀ :<

Aww thanks everyone~