Texts from FFXIII
Where Final Fantasy XIII meets Texts from Last Night. Or, why FFXIII characters should not be allowed near phones, ever.

Almost all texts come from textsfromlastnight.com. Screencaps come from either a now-defunct website or are captured myself from various youtube videos.
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Due to popular demand, here is a place where you can submit your own stuff to this blog. Currently, I am only accepting image submissions.

Image Submission Guidelines: Make sure the text is legible on the image. I’ll take almost any image I receive, unless it doesn’t really fit the spirit of the blog or it’s a text that has already been done. I will sometimes post images with texts that have already appeared on the blog, though, if they use different characters from the original image that was posted. Also keep in mind that I don’t normally count screenshots with a suggested text (i.e. the text is in the caption and not actually on the image) as a submission.

You may be wondering “What happened to the text submission box?” I used to also accept text submissions, but it often ended up with me having a large backlog of images to create and my output just couldn’t fill the demand. Will the text submission box return someday? Maybe. But for now, image submissions are the best way to contribute.